Audit & Certifications

Adam Tea is proud to uphold ethical growing standards, farming practices and environmental cultivation methods that protect the workers that grow our legendary Ceylon tea, the land it grows in and the rich cultural heritage from which our brand has grown. We believe there’s more behind the cup of tea you drink. There are people, history and natural resources to protect on our exotic island.


Adam Tea has a certification from the International Organzation for Standardization to recognize we adhere to standard brewing and tasting procedures for quality assurance and comparative tasting.

Lion Symbol of Quality

All Adam Tea packages have been awarded the Lion Symbol of Ceylon Quality, indicating we are 100% of the highest quality Ceylon tea. We have also passed stringent tests on sustainable growing practices, superior working conditions and that all Adam Tea is grown using ozone friendly farming methods without toxins harmful to the environment.

Walmart Audit

Adam Tea has passed best practice audits by WalMart Corporation to ensure that our farming, blending, bagging and packaging plants in Sri Lanka uphold fair labor regulations and ethical working conditions for all Adam Tea employees.


Adam Tea has a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points management system in place ensuring food safety for consumers by overseeing and tracking each stage of tea production so that from start to finish, when tea arrives to consumers it is guaranteed contaminant free and USDA approved. This monitoring system ensures control of biological, chemical and physical hazards involved in each stage of Adam Tea’s production.

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